Strategic Planning




Peregrine Leadership provides a customer-focused strategic planning service for agencies, businesses and non-profit entities to create clarity of purpose, foster organizational synergy, and promote commitment for the mission, vision, and values of the organization. The strategic planning service is applicable for both an entire organization or a department within an organization.

The typical strategic planning workshop is a 1-day session. The key stakeholders are led through a deliberate planning process that asks four fundamental questions:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. How are we going to get there?
  4. Did we make it?

The specific tools and techniques used to answer these four questions include Business Model Canvas (a customer-focused approach) and Appreciative Inquiry (a SOAR analysis of strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results). The perspective for the strategic planning workshop is based on leading and current thinking regarding how organizations are successful.

The outcome from the workshop is a plan of action that the participants use for subsequent implementation of the plan so that the seminar does not become just a moment in time event. Rather, the focus is on how the team will take what was developed during the workshop and put the items into action with measurable accountability.   

Our Expertise

Peregrine's facilitators have extensive experience with strategic planning. Many of us have advanced degrees in strategic planning and all of us have completed various courses in organizational development. Most importantly, all of us have led our own organizations through the process and we have learned what works and what does not work. We know how to help you create the right plan for your specific needs, a plan that will include direct measures of performance and help guide the organization towards strategic success.


Our strategic planning tools and techniques are suitable for any sized organization or department. We have conducted such workshops for institutions of higher education, social service nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and privately owned businesses. Each workshop is shaped specifically to the type of organization, its maturity with strategic planning, and relevant existing documents and plans.

Through our strategic planning sessions, participants have:

  • Developed new market strategies
  • Clarified the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
  • Honed performance metrics and measures.
  • Developed unity of effort with all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Leveraged a diversity of talents within the organization.

More than just document-production exercise, our strategic planning workshops focus on getting the entire team engaged in planning so that the processes of putting the customer first, leveraging a diversity of talents, and exemplifying values-based, mission-driven approaches become the sustainable culture of the organization.


Most strategic planning sessions are conducted as a 1-day workshop. Often, this workshop can be split over two or three periods to accommodate personnel schedules and the availability of key stakeholders who need to be involved in the planning process. If an organization has an existing plan that needs to be updated, a ½-day workshop may fulfil the need. Some groups also require consulting follow-up time to help implement the plan.

Contact us directly to determine the strategic planning construct that makes the most sense for your specific needs and goals. Based on that construct, we can then quote you a price based on our workshop rates and any required consulting hours.