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Our approach to leadership and team development is:

  • a strategic investment in your organization.

  • outcome-based with measurable ROI.

  • goal-oriented with customized solutions aligned with your mission, vision, and values.

  • designed to establish a culture of excellence and continuous improvement centered on core values.

  • aimed to support a diversified workplace with global perspectives.

Peregrine's applied solutions for leadership development will improve employee retention and morale, stimulate productivity, and advance workplace safety and team effectiveness.

Let the Peregrine Leadership Institute be your partner in Growing Leaders and Creating Success!

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Spreading their wings

Published: May 14

One of the most common questions Deborah Robbins and Olin Oedekoven field as co-owners of Peregrine Leadership Institute of Gillette is where is Wyoming? Especially when they’re overseas.

Better Decisions - In 3 Steps

Published: February 02

We can all be wise in hindsight. How about being wise looking into the future? Managers make decisions every day, often several times a day. Have you ever thought how you could significantly improve the quality of your decisions? HBR editor Walter Frick has some sage advice – in three simple steps. <!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US

Economics of Talent

Published: January 19

Vikram Bhalla, Susanne Dyrchs and Rainer Strack of the Boston Consulting Group predict a tsunami will hit work as we know it soon. The projected tsunami takes the form of four megatrends – two affecting the demand for talent and two affecting the supply of talent. Thus, we are back to Economics 101 except that the megatrends will change the very nature of work in ways that are way beyond

The Symphonic Enterprise

Published: January 15

A renowned music conductor once said that an orchestra full of stars can be a disaster. There is no reason to believe that the maestro was speaking metaphorically. His observation suggests something universal: Without unity and harmony, discord prevails. Many organizations that are being turned upside down by technology innovation are no strangers to discord. Digital reality, cognitive

Challenges in Organizational Culture

Published: January 03

Culture and organizational performance are inter-related. Organizations that espouse a positive culture on a foundation of shared values have a competitive advantage. Research also shows that people who find their need for meaning and purpose as being met at work exhibit higher levels of performance and expend higher levels of discretionary effort. Culture is also a powerful driver of