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A different Irma and Harvey

Published: September 22

The destruction caused by the two hurricanes is beyond words, beyond imagination. Reports suggest that it might take months for electricity to be restored. Reconstruction may take several years. Who can estimate the costs? How do you determine the “cost” of a rain forest destroyed? Of millions of people whose lives will probably never be the same again? When the super-typhoon

Death by PowerPoint

Published: September 21

“The typical human brain can hold about seven pieces of new information for less than 30 seconds!”                                                                                  Dr. John Medina, Brain Rules. Long before PowerPoint became an inevitable part of corporate and academic life, I had the good fortune of attending a memorable training program. The Professor was one of

The Ambidextrous Leader

Published: September 08

Conference Board (https://www.conference-board.org) reports an alarming churn at the top of the largest corporations. In the first fifteen years of this century, almost 25% of CEO departures from the Fortune 500 companies have been reported as being involuntary. A PwC report on the 2,500 largest companies denotes the huge cost of forced turnover – a mind-boggling $112 billion

The Tale of a Once-famed Icon

Published: August 24

In the early eighties, just as the personal computer entered the market, a few friends came together and formed a software company with very little capital. The fact that they were colleagues in an established company and decided to quit en masse raises ethical questions that have not been answered till now. Framed in the context of knowledge management, how ethical is it for a team of

Does Collaboration Stifle Creativity?

Published: August 01

For decades, we have been exposed to the virtues of collaboration, cooperation, and coordination – or team work. Scholars have built models to explain team performance and team effectiveness. Organizations spend millions to get to the notion of the “ideal team.” The foundational concept in team work is synergy – the idea of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. How