Team Development



Consider the key indices of a successful team-based workplace: retention, morale, productivity, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. Employees must be able to work together in order to accomplish their difficult and challenging tasks of today’s dynamic workplace. Through skill-building
and problem-solving, we assist teams and individual contributors in moving beyond the obstacles in order to achieve goals.

Our team and employee development sessions can be as brief as an hour or up to three days depending upon the needs of the team and the requirements of the organization. We tailor the length and the content of the workshops to fit the unique developmental needs of the group. Shorter workshops can address a specific area of concern, while longer sessions cover a range of topics. Every session is customized with topic selection based on client requirements.

We do not lecture! Instead, our workshops are engaging, participatory, and impactful. We strive to engage all participants into the conversation and, with the facilitated discussions, the team will experience the desired change.

Our team-based workshops promote application of lessons learned to the participant’s workplace situation. We use film clips, training videos, and movies to help demonstrate the desirable behaviors. Individual and small group exercises are designed to reinforce the learning outcomes and show the participants how to apply the material to their specific situation.

Some of the workshop topics that we can address with your teams and invidiual contributors include:

  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Understanding Change
  • Team Rules and Governance
  • Customer Service
  • Team Communications
  • Applying the Vision

We have upwards of 120 hours of specific team and individual contributor material to unlock employee potential. 

Our Expertise

Peregrine's session leaders and workshop facilitators all have extensive backgrounds in leadership, team leadership, and promoting values-based individual contributors. By working with hundreds of organizations throughout the world, we can leverage any number of best practices and current thinking in order to unlock potential, solve team issues, and get people doing what they do best. 


Based on our team and individual contributor workshops and short training programs, our clients have observed the following results:

  • Reduced conflict and team stress. 
  • Team members more focused on the goals and objectives. 
  • Individual contributors use the organization's values to guide decision-making. 
  • There is an established process for conducting team meetings and solving problems. 
  • Team members understand their specific roles with internal customer service. 

We can readily help you unlock the potential of your teams and individual contributors so that potential is realized. 


The Peregrine Leadership Institute uses local, regional, and national/international rates based on where the work is performed relative to the client’s proximity to the Peregrine Leadership Institute’s headquarters in Gillette, Wyoming. Contact us to discuss specific service options for your organization. 


Workshop Duration Local Regional National


$1700 $2050 $2400


$2200 $2500 $2900


$4400 $5000 $5800