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Peregrine's Online Leadership Courses for business leadership includes courses focused on business writing fundamentals, leadership communications, leadership essentials, leading teams, dealing with workplace conflict, leading change, and leading other leaders. Each course is organized into eight sections with instructional content and a post-course assessment. 

The online leadership courses are used to teach applied leadership concepts and principles. The Business Leadership Series includes seven courses, each with 2-4 hours of instructional material, designed to engage employees with meaningful, practical, and relevant content presented using a variety of media formats.

Each course begins with a video introduction and description of the course’s learning outcomes followed by six instructional modules, a course summary, and a short application quiz. The courses can be used to provide practical leadership development opportunities for individual contributors, supervisors, and managers and can be readily used in conjunction with leadership development workshops and seminars, or as standalone leadership development opportunity for individuals beyond the conference room.

The seven courses of the Business Leadership Series include training focused on business writing fundamentals, leadership communications, leadership essentials, leading teams, dealing with workplace conflict, leading change, and leading the leaders.

The instructional content for each course was developed by Peregrine Leadership Institute based on the organization’s workshops, seminars, and team development sessions. For over a decade, Peregrine has been conducting applied leadership seminars and workshops for hundreds of organizations located throughout the world. The content focuses on workplace application based on our collective experience in leadership. The courses are applicable to any leader, from a manager in a large corporation to a sole proprietor entrepreneur.

The interactive learning modules within each course include a variety of media types (audio, video, animation, and slideshow) designed to engage the employee. Typically, an employee will spend 2-3 hours per course. Course completion can be conducted over an extended period of time and is available to the participant for a year.

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Our Expertise

Peregrine is a recognized authority in leadership development, guiding hundreds of companies and thousands of leaders to greater effectiveness. The courses were developed for higher education with appropriate participant engagement, rigor, and assessment. 


The Business Leadership Series includes seven specific online leadership courses designed for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. The Series is especially suitable to new managers, supervisors, front-line leaders, leaders in family-owned businesses, and any team member with leadership responsibilities.

  • The first module of each course is an overview to the course and learning objectives.
  • Course modules 2-7 are topic-based modules, each with 2-6 instructional areas that focus on applied learning using short videos, interactive presentations, audio narratives, and dynamic visuals to teach the materials. The courses include additional resources and learning activities.
  • The last module in each course includes a course review and summative quiz.

Any of the courses, or the entire Business Leadership Series, can be used for leadership sustainment training, just-in-time problem-solving, or included as part of a new employee’s onboarding program.


The online leadership courses are priced at $149 per course. The Business Leadership Series, which includes seven courses, is priced at $750. Site licensing with additional discounts based on annual expected quantities is available. 

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OLC Brochure 10.2018