Consulting Services


As a department head, manager, or coordinator, you know that when a team is working well together based on a common understanding of essential leadership principles, the department, business unit, or team will achieve the desired results. With an absolute clarity of expectations coupled with a passion to excel, primary, secondary, and often even tertiary responsibilities can be assigned so that the desired goals are met.

Peregrine’s solutions are wide-ranging in depth and breadth. We can assist through individual coaching and mentoring, based in part on 360° leadership assessments and MBTI® type evaluations. When coupled with online training courses, our individualized leadership development services are unmatched in terms of quality, cost, and achieving quick results.

We can conduct team training ranging from just a few hours to a comprehensive program that includes a series of workshops distributed over the course of several months. We focus on taking care of the immediate problems so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

By aligning our services to your specific needs and values, you can obtain the quick wins that are needed to obtain lasting viability. Our pricing is reasonable, and we will work within your budgetary needs to leverage limited resources for maximum effect.